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What makes Bag For Change so good?

Each Bag For Change is made from high-quality left-over fabrics, chosen for their engaging textures and elegant colours, sourced through our manufacturing partner, Dapit. They have been crafted by people who have worked in the textile industry their whole lives and love our cradle to cradle approach.

It's eco friendly

Every Bag For Change is made from fabric off-cuts or end of roll, fabrics that were essentially going to be thrown away but have instead been re-purposed into bags. By upcycling these leftovers we're both saving the resources needed to produce new fabric and contributing to a circular economy where what's in use remains in use for as long as possible.

It's a long-lasting reusable bag

All of our bags are meant to be used again and again. From the thinner models that you can pack into a pocket, to the thicker canvas bags that carry the heaviest of loads without a complaint, they will last you a minimum of 5 years, or we'll give you your money back. All bags come with washing instructions as well, because we know that you'll be using it so regularly that every now and then it needs a wash.

It's super strong

Our heavy duty models take up to 60kg (132 pounds) - that's way more than we recommend you ever carry on one shoulder! The point is, whether you are carrying the shopping back home, bringing all the drinks to the picnic or using it as a beach bag for the whole family, a Bag For Change won't let you down.

It's for life

Our bags are built to last you a really long time, but if ever you get to a point of use where you don't think the bag is fit for use any longer, you can simply send it us and we'll mend it or replace it for free.

Most of our bags are biodegradable, but we can recycle them for you

In each listing we include the materials that each bag is made out of. When you buy a 100% cotton bag, that means the bag will biodegrade in time. At the end of use, the bag will supposedly have been washed quite a few times and the material should now be significantly thinner because it has it shed fibers over its time in use. You can send it to us to be recycled, turn it into cleaning rags or shred it to decompose. When you send us a bag back to be recycled, all cotton is turned into paper and all polyester is molten and spun into new yarn. Please don't add it to a compost, as any chemicals present in the fabric dyes will contaminate your fertilizer.

It's unique

Each bag has been made by hand and from a small quantity of fabric, making each model a special edition. And with less than 5 bags being made for some models, special really is the word! You won't be running into someone with the same exact bag anytime soon - unless maybe at one of our events ;)

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We believe that every product has an impact in our lives, and we want to make it a good one. 

Most of the objects surrounding us have been man made, they have gone through many hands before ending up in our homes, work places and favourite hangouts. They have had an impact on the environment, on the lives of the people who handled them and ultimately they now nudge our behaviours (even if we aren't aware of this).

So we have chosen for our bags a message that inspires us to grow into the best, most sustainable version of ourselves. Each time you are using your bag, question the items you put in it, let it be a reminder that you can strive for better and help change the world into a more sustainable place.

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What people are saying...

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Hanna Pumfrey

The perfect opportunity to share your own vision for the future of responsible fashion is by upcycling a tired shirt with your own bold print message or purchasing your very own Bag For Change tote bag from Be For Change and really live the change! I've used mine non-stop since I got it!


Kate Arnell

My next favourite thing is this bag - Bag For Change. This is made from surplus cotton, and it's very cool. Mainly because it's such a great size. Someone actually stopped me recently in the street and said 'Your bag is a great size - where is it from?' [...] honestly, I've used it every single day since I got it! It's just such a great size! I've already said that... but let me tell you, the size is great! It also has a little pocket so I can shove my keys in there [...] Let's be honest, life isn't complete without a decent, reusable cloth bag!

Kate Arnell bag

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