Be For Change

A small way of thanking you

Throughout our short time in business, our greatest ambassadors have been our happy customers. You're one of the people who, by believing in us and in our products, have helped us grow. Your recommendations, social media posts and kind words have driven our online sales, and we can't thank you enough for that!

You absolutely deserve a small gesture of our gratitude - in the form of 20% of all sales you refer to us ;)

By joining our group of ambassadors you'll be able to offer your friends 5% off (UK and Europe only), and you'll receive a 20% commission of all sales which use your code (calculated on the price before tax). You'll also be among the first to know about our events, including exclusive events with access by referral only.

Still with us? Awesome :D

Write to us now with your details and we'll send you your exclusive members code and a little surprise!


The nitty-gritty

For now this program is only open in the UK and Europe. Upon getting in touch with your details and desire to become one of our Ambassadors, you'll be contacted with your unique code.

When your code is used for the first time, we will notify you, inform you of your credit and request your bank account information. Please note that your credit can be transferred to you or used as credit in a purchase through your choice, at any time. We will notify you of your credit at every 5 times the code has been used.

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